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With SDAR’s free pre-license broker education*, you will get everything you need to advance your real estate career, including all mandatory California Real Estate Broker classes.

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How Licensing Works! 6 Easy Steps!

  1. Have 2 years’ full-time experience as a sales agent
  2. Enroll in SDAR’s free pre-license Broker education courses*. Most
    agents need 5 courses.
  3. Study each course separately for a minimum of 18 days before
    testing. (You have one year to finish.)
  4. Take and pass the course exams online.
  5. Send your exam application and license application to the DRE,
    with fees and certificates of completion.
  6.  Pass the DRE Broker State Exam – you’ve got your Broker license!

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• Self-paced
• Available 24/7
• 100% state-approved
• Specifically designed to maximize retention

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